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tropische Blätter

We let trees grow
through music streams. 

You can help us

with following our playlists

and streaming our music


What is the plan behind?


Releasing Songs

We are a Swiss based music label and publishing that collaborates with some of the most talented instrumental music artists from all around the world. Together with our artists, we release songs on a regularly basis under the imprint «Beats For Trees».


Planting Trees

Every time you listen to ​the songs we release, whether on Spotify, ​Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer or ​any ​another streaming provider, you're helping to plant trees in our first reforestation project. For about 1​'​000 streams one tree is planted.


Raising Awareness

Our goal is not only to plant as many trees as we can to help improve our ecological footprint, but also to raise awareness about the problem itself. If everyone would contribute a small part, big things could be moved quickly to the better.

"The EARTH has music for those who listen. Time to give something back"


Listening to music
and help plant trees.

The principle is basically very simple. In collaboration with talented producers from the whole world, we release music on a regularly basis under the imprint «Beats For Trees». Together we have one goal: to plant as many trees as possible.

How do we do that?

Each time you listen to a song you help us plant trees. Every 1'000 streams our partner organization One Tree Planted will receive enough financial resources to plant one tree within our project. 




One Tree Planted is a globally active, non-profit, climate protection and non-profit organization from the US. This non-profit organization conducts professional plantings of regional tree species several times a year at over ten locations worldwide. The trees are planted by many volunteers from the local community and by One Tree Planted itself. The trees are planted where they have previously disappeared for various reasons such as agriculture, timber industry, habitat, or natural events (forest fire, drought, etc.).

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One Tree Planted


What we have been able to achieve so far


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